French Teaching Minor

This minor is designed to prepare students to teach in public secondary schools. A teaching minor may only be received by students graduating with a teaching major. In order to graduate with this minor, students are required to complete Utah State Office of Education licensing requirements. To view these requirements go to or contact Education Student Services, 350 MCKB, (801) 422-3426.

Program Requirements

1. The French and Italian Department requires a minimum of 12 minor hours to be taken in residence at BYU for this minor program. These hours may also go toward BYU’s 30-hour residency requirement for graduation. This minor requiers 23-38* hours.

2. Grades below C- in professional education courses or content courses will not be accepted in the teaching major or teaching minor. Teacher candidates must have a cumulative 2.85 GPA in teaching major and teaching minor courses to qualify for student teaching.

3. Complete the following prerequisites (or equivalent):

FREN 101: First-Year French, Part 1. (4:5:2)

FREN 102: First-Year French, Part 1. (4:5:2)

FREN 201: Intermediate French, Part 1. (4:5:2)

FREN 202: Intermediate French, Part 2. (3:3:1)

4. Complete the following:

FREN 321: Advanced French, Part 1. (3:3:1)

FREN 340: Introduction to Literary Analysis. (3:3:0)

FREN 377: Introduction to French Language Teaching. (3:3:0)

FREN 378: French Language Teaching Procedures and Practicum. (2:1:1)


FREN 377 and 378 must be taken before student teaching.

5. Complete two courses from the following:

FREN 361: French Civilization from the Beginning to 1715. (3:3:0)

FREN 362: French Civilization from 1715 to the Present. (3:3:0)

FREN 363: Contemporary French Civilization. (3:3:0)

6. Complete one course from the following:

FREN 431: Introduction to French Linguistics. (3:3:0)

FREN 445: Advanced Francophone Culture. (3:3:0)

FREN 452R: Studies in Period, Movement, and Theme. (3:3:0)

FREN453R: Studies in Genre. (3:3:0)

FREN 454R: Studies in Author. (3:3:0)

FREN 455R: Studies in Literary Theory. (3:3:0)

FREN 456R: Francophone Studies. (3:3:0)

FREN 457R: Studies in French Culture. (3:3:0)

FREN 490R: Individual Study in French. (1-3:ARR:ARR)

(3 hours required)

7. Complete the following and have an oral proficiency interview (OPI) before enrolling in Fren 378. The rating will be recorded on the student’s transcript. The required minimum OPI rating is advanced—low before applying to student teach in the major.

FREN 491R: Senior Oral Proficiency Evaluation. (0:0:0)


Before applying for student teaching or an internship, students must receive an official OPI certificate from ACTFL with a rating of advanced-low or higher. At least one month before student teaching applications are due, students should schedule an OPI through the Center for Language Studies, 3086 JFSB.

8. It is the student’s responsibility to take the French PRAXIS test and ensure BYU receives the test scores.


The Department of French and Italian offers the following resources to strengthen oral language skills: conversation courses (Fren 211R, 311R, 411R), the Foreign Language Student Residence, Study Abroad, or an internship in French-speaking countries. Please refer to the specific program or course description for detailed information about these resources.

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.