French Internships

Spring and Summer Internships in France

The French Department offers many opportunities to serve an internship in France during the summer. The internship allows students to be able to learn how to survive and function in the country and on the job.


BYU’s French and Italian Department in association with the French Embassy’s Cultural Services offers short-term internships in a variety of positions; business, corporate, industry, hospitals, research, laboratories, national and local governments, cultural organizations, nonprofit agencies, nongovernmental organizations, hotels, tourism, etc. Job placements are made according to the student’s language proficiency, previous work experience, field of study, and personal interest.


  • Students must have completed French 321 (Advanced Grammar) prior to leaving for the internship.
  • Preference is given to students who have taken MBS 596R (Business French). This course is taught during Fall and Winter semesters by Dr. Yvon Le Bras or Dr. Corry Cropper.


Students are required to enroll in at least six credits during their internship, which usually consists of four internship credits (French 399R), and two credit hours of conversational language (French 211R, French 311R, or French 411R).

Faculty director/advisor

Dr. Yvon Le Bras directs this program through the French Embassy’s internship office in Washington D.C. For more information, contact: Dr. Le Bras, (801) 422-2288, 3135 JFSB, or International Study Programs, 280 HRCB, (801) 422-3686,


Housing and living conditions vary depending on the type of internship. Some employers assist or provide housing, some provide a living allowance, while others rely on interns to pay for their own expenses. Although students are ultimately responsible for arranging their own housing and accomodations, they may work with the program director to make arrangements prior to their departure.


Spring/Summer tuition and airfare (varies according to season and location). In addition, students must be prepared to cover living expenses (although benefits may include lunch vouchers, transportation, and/or housing allowance). Internships are often, but not always, paid.

Financial Aid

Any federal or university financial aid that students qualify for can be applied to the cost of the program, including university scholarships, student loans, and Pell Grants. Students are also invited to apply for an ISP Scholarship (amounts up to $5,000) by submitting a scholarship request form to the ISP office.

Application Procedure

Complete an ISP online application at Deadlines will change from year to year.


All accepted students are expected to register through International Study Programs for a one credit, pre-departure preparation class during the second block of Winter semester.

Teaching Assistantship Program

Students majoring or minoring in French are encouraged to participate in the Teaching Assistantship Program sponsored each year by the French Ministry of Education (this is a unique opportunity to spend 7 months in France with a monthly stipend). For more information, contact the BYU Department of French and Italian.